Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Time to Get Serious [OOTD]

Every once in a while I feel the sudden urge for change. It hit me really when I saw the date on the bottom right corner on my laptop screen.

This time last year I was taking on a new adventure: Erasmus. I’ve repeated this one too many times before but I mean it; it has changed me completely. My perception on life changed and apart from that, living abroad broadened my knowledge on things and I have set new and possibly higher goals for myself.

This year is different. It will be my final year at university and I am literally mentally preparing myself for all the shit I’d have to do before I can call myself a graduate. However, I’m trying my hardest to keep positive and in order to help myself do so, I decided to change my look. I’ve had copper and copper blonde hair for quite some time now, and let’s just say that yeah blondes do have more fun. But it’s time to get serious (apart from being sick of the constant maintenance every month coz of the roots).

Take a look at my new hair colour and outfit of the day:

Top: H&M
Midi Skirt: George’s
Shoes: New Look
Watch: Free gift from Volksbank

What do you guys think?


Sunday, 17 August 2014

Giving In: Summer Sales [HAUL]

Let’s face it! You and I both knew this was going to happen pretty soon anyway. I’m talking about falling for the Summer Sales in all the shops you visit at this time of year. I was rambling on about my need to save money for travel and not really needing new clothes and I was actually doing well. And then it happened. The huge red SALE signs hit the shops and it was so long to the controlled money saver Sarah to the “What? Just 10 euro? BUY IT” Sarah.

I didn’t go completely crazy though. I only got a few items which I realised I actually lacked in my wardrobe. Check out what I got over the past few months:

Shana Dress only 6 euro

Same Shana Dress in a different colour and pattern. also 6 euro

Top- River Island 17euro

Not really in the sale section but got it anyway since this has now been discontinued

Parfois Bag- 16 euro

New Look - 8 Euro

Topshop - 10 Euro

itStyle brish cleaner- around 8 euro

Anything catch your eye? Let me know in the comments below
Thanks for reading


Monday, 11 August 2014

Alive Alive.. Blast What Does It Mean?

I could come up with a million excuses for my lack of blogging. The fact that I broke my left arm (elbow to be exact) is at the top of that list. Let’s not get into that.

I’ve just been out of it. Had dozens of things planned for this summer and then something happened and got in the way of everything. Not to mention the lack of inspiration flowing through my veins.

But here I am. My elbow is getting much better and will soon get it out of the cast. So yeah, we’re getting a brighter mood every day and therefore, instead of turning this post into a pity party, I will show you guys a few bits and pieces of how my summer has been so far.

First day of Summer starts off at the beach

New Beer

Making new friends from around the world

BBQ.. Beacuse no summer is complete without one

Isle of MTV 

A trip to Comino 

Bring on the Cocktails

The usual outfit selfie before heading out

Smiling at the emergency. Probably a first there

The horrible feeling of constant doctor appointments

Summer Camp with Victoria Scouts Group

Official Scout Member

Games with the kids

Crazy selfie with the little one and the bro

The best part of any hens party: The Cake

Catching up with the best

Clubbing and taking selfies with random people you meet

Better posts will hopefully be coming your way more often now. But it’s best not to make any promises. Just in case something else comes up unexpectedly.



Wednesday, 4 June 2014

MFWA: Malta Fashion Awards 2014 [100th Post]

Today marks my 100th blog post and what better way to celebrate than to post about Malta Fashion Week!

The Mercedes Malta Fashion Week and Awards are long gone in the past and yet all I can think about is the amazing collections by both local and international designers.
Fashion in Malta has only recently been given the credit it deserves and with fashion week, this just gets highlighted even more. Last Saturday I attended the Malta Fashion Awards and this was the culmination of an entire week filled with incredible talent and creativity. Having already been to the Awards last year I already had in mind what the show would be like: the snippets of all the shows that took place during the week, the hair shows and of course the awards and to be honest I thought it would be an actual bore. On the contrary, the show was brilliant. It was beautifully set in Smart City Laguna and it was great to not only see parts of the collection of those shows which unfortunately I couldn’t attend, but also the incredible talent of hairdressers and their efforts in pulling off such amazing hairstyles and colour on stage. It was definitely a theatrical event and worth every minute of me doing my hair and spending ages picking out an outfit.

The show started with the twelve new designers and about three of each of their collection made its way down the runway. Half way through the new designers show was Christian Mifsud’s hair show which was made up of elaborate and bright colours. And let’s not forget the helium balloons which I’m still actually quite sad they let loose. (admit it you would have hated to see them fly away too). The show continued with collections international designers Danijela Bozic, House of Jola, Sally Bawa, Judy Clark and Jean Paul Benielli who showed parts of their collections on the catwalk. Other hair shows followed including those by Chris Galea, Lara Steer, Marielle Calleja and Patrick Cameron. Last and definitely not least, well known Maltese designers Charles and Ron as well as Tiffany Pisani, Caroline Hili, Ritienne Zammit and Creative Factory 7 showed the audience our local talent.

Of course it wouldn’t be the awards if no awards were given right?

Along the entire show, awards were given to best male and female models, best photographer, stylist and an award I’m proud of is the blogger award. Getting credited by the great mind behind the show, Adrian, means a lot to us bloggers since a lot of work actually goes into what we do. Here is the list of all the winners:

  • Claire Ciantar, winner of the Female Model Award
  • Valentina Rossi, winner of the Female Photomodel Award
  • Rosemarie Abela, winner of the New Fashion Designer Award
  • Karl Bonnici, winner of the Male Model Award
  • Robert Galea, winner of the Male Photo Model Award
  • Kurt Paris - Winner of the Photographer Award
  • Bortex Group. Winners of the Outstanding Contribution to Maltese Fashion Award accepted by Sam Borg
  • Daniel Azzopardi winner of the Fashion Blogger Award
  • Elysia Farrugia, winner of the Nail Technician
  • Mateja Camilleri winner of the Makeup Artist
  • Kira Drury winner of the Fashion Stylist Award
  • Marielle Calleja, winner of the Hair Stylist Award

Of course to the fashion eye as well as the public, everyone is a winner since everyone contributed greatly both to fashion week as well as fashion as a whole in Malta. Well done to all!

All in all, the show was spectacular and the after party was perfect until the sky shed those brutal raindrops on all our blow dries, up-dos and gelled hair.
I’m glad I was part of this experience and got to meet so many great new people along the way. Fashion needs to be credited more often nowadays. We’re in 2014 people! Make it mean something!

Photographs thanks to Jonathan Brincat
Daniela Spiteri: the face of Malta Fashion Week
 Marco Parascandalo – New Designers

 one of Ritienne Zammit’s Amen Collection

Christian Mifsud Hair Show

 Jean Paul Benielli’s Collection

 Claire Ciantar accepting the Female Model Award

Thanks for reading!


Monday, 2 June 2014

Event: International Designers Fashion Show

Its high time I caught up with what happened during fashion week, but you have to cut me some slack. Having deadlines for 4 crazy assignments just puts a little bit more pressure on me. But thank goodness all assignments are now submitted and I can catch my breath once more. Although knowing exams are just round the corner is still scary.
Enough small talk! As Rizzle Kicks would say: Let’s skip to the good bit!
So last Friday I attended the International Designers Show which was part of the Mercedes Benz Malta Fashion Week and let me tell you, it was incredible. Apart from the fact that I arrived slightly late due to the lack of parking in Valletta, the night was perfect. 

The first designer was Daniela Bozic from Serbia who had a very sophisticated collection called Floral Rapsody. Here are my top looks:

Next up was the House of Jola by Joan Isioma Okorodudu whose line celebrates all that is African. The bold prints were gorgeous! Check out my favourites:

Up next was the Parisian genius Jean Paul Benielli with the collection titled La Femme. He displayed stunning evening gowns with Tahitian pearls and Swarovski crystals embroidered over the luxurious fabrics used. Here are a few snaps:

We then saw the collection of Nigerian designer Sally Bawa. Her pieces are hand painted and to her it shows the “revival for the love of art”.

And last and certainly not least we had Judy R. Clark’s collection. Her Scottish blood is shown through her pieces which are made from fabrics found in the highlands in Scotland. Bring on the tweed, lace and tartan! Bellezza! Take a look:

The show was the perfect end to a week full of fashion and talent. I will be posting about the Fashion Awards soon so stay tuned!

Once again, thanks to Jonathan Brincat for the pictures he took! =) You can see more pictures here: https://www.facebook.com/Jonathanbrincatphotography?fref=ts

Thanks for reading,